Sketchbook Sundays

Now I am back at school after the Summer Holidays it is sometimes difficult to spend as much time as I would like drawing and printmaking. However, Sunday mornings are a great time to squirrel away in my study and indulge in some sketchbook time.

It was only a few months ago that we decorated the study. It was important to me that it had really good lighting, but also that it was full of pretty and inspiring bit and pieces. We went for a green, black and white theme with a couple of walls a very brave petrol blue.

This Sunday I am drawing cats and bananas. The bananas are all drawn from real life, focusing on the blemishes and brown spots that make each banana unique. I am presently in a dilemma of whether to print the bananas in gold or to paint them with watercolour. A golden banana print is so appealing! (no pun intended!)

The cats have been really fun to draw, each one wears a different style of glasses to suit it’s face. Lino printing is perfect for really building up the fur on the cats, and its also a chance for me to indulge in my love of cats!  I think I might draw a few more wearing novelty Christmas glasses and turn them into Christmas cards.


I always draw out all of my lino print ideas in a sketchbook first and colour them with either marker pens or watercolour. It really helps me to get my head around a print and it’s amazing sometimes how much it changes and develops from my original idea. I could never be brave enough to work straight onto a piece of lino without having carefully planned the print first. It’s also a place for me to try out colour schemes and jot down ideas that come to me as I am drawing. I find the drawing as fun as the actual printing. In fact, drawing is probably a little more relaxing to do as printmaking can be stressful at times.

I have a massive collection of sketchbooks now and it’s always fun to look back through them, to see how a print started or to remember some ideas that never made it to the printing stage. Here’s a look at some of the pages from a sketchbook I have just finished:


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