The ‘C’ Word

I know it’s only October and I, more than most, moan about Christmas products hitting the shops at this time of the year, however, I have learnt that this is the time I need to get designing and printing Christmas cards. 

In the past I have refused to even think about Christmas until late November. This resulted in me printing Christmas cards like a mad person to get ready in time for Christmas fairs, one year my cards didn’t even dry in time to be sold! 

So the last few years I have given in to preparing designs for Christmas in October. In fact, October half term is usually a good time to get cards and tags printed. 

This year I have designed some new cat cards and this weekend I have been busy getting them cut out. This year my cats are sporting novelty Christmas sunglasses. This very much feels like a development on my Christmas jumper cats of a few years ago. So over the next couple of weeks I will be getting into the Christmas spirit early, printing and packing up my new cat cards ready for the Made in Colchester Christmas fair on 3rd December and hopefully in time for our market stall on Colchester High Street on 28th October too. 

I should also have some tags like this available too: 

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