New Year, New Work

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to create a brand new series of prints. Designs that would challenge my normal style and push me to try something new. 

I’d had the idea for a while now that I wanted to create a series based on religious icons- I love the metallic gold of the halos! 

I picked up these prayer cards in a gift shop near the Vatican on a trip to Rome a few years back and have been meaning to use them as inspiration for something. Now, I’m not on the slightest bit religious, however, I do really appreciate the aesthetic of religious artwork, decor and iconography. 

My new designs started here with a prayer card inspired layout featuring the awesome Frida Kahlo. I took influence from this image of her: 

And this design got me thinking- I wanted to make some work based on strong female figures like her. A celebration of women. Hidden within the designs are symbols from across the world that relate to the female gender, feminity, wisdom and strength. 

Next I drew this female Buddha as I’ve been wanting to create a Buddha print for a while. Then I made this Russian doll design: 

Each one features gold, a halo, hidden symbolism and decoration inspired by the culture of the main character. 

I was lucky enough to get a massive set of pro-markers for my birthday, including metallic colours so I’ve really enjoyed colouring these in! 

Currently I’m drawing a Maneki Neko (lucky cat), fittingly as it is also Chinese New Year. I’ve been researching the lucky cat and can’t find any information on it’s gender. However this one is definitely a lady due to the coin it carries featuring the female Chinese symbol. 

Printing will commence in a few weeks time. I’m really excited and will keep you updated on how this new work progresses. 

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