100 Day Project

The Easter holiday has been a really productive time for me. I’ve been able to finish off the ‘Icon’ prints that I started at Christmas and make lots of new drawings too.

Something that has really helped to motivate and inspire me is the ‘100 Day Project’. This is an Instagram initiated activity where the idea is to simply create something everyday for 100 days. What you decide to base your project on is completely up to you, then you post images of your progress on Instagram each day.


100 day project website

I decided that I would make a small lino stamp everyday day for my project. This would help to use up all of the little off cuts of lino I have lying around and it would allow me to be less precious about my designs. The idea in creating these prints everyday is that I would draw straight onto the lino rather than planning the print beforehand and I could base the lino stamp on anything around me.


Day one I made the print above of an old Kodachrome film that we have in our trinket case at home. Since then I have simply taken inspiration from the everyday objects that I find around the house or things that have been a part of my day. I have a weird fascination with mundane objects anyway so I have strangely enjoyed drawing clothes pegs and keys and looking for the small differences in the design of each. IMG_2335


I bought a little sketchbook to print the stamps into from Paperchase. As with most of my sketchbooks I found a pretty postcard to glue onto the front. Printing the designs in this book has meant I can experiment as I go along adding pen and paint or changing the layouts. IMG_2338

Many of the little stamps are already inspiring ideas for actual lino prints such as a ‘key’ print and a ‘spice jar’ print. But I also like the idea of combining all of the lino stamps into one massive multicoloured print at the end too! Untitled-1

For now I need to make sure I find time, even when I’m back at work, to make a stamp a day until July. I’m loving trying out a new idea everyday. If you fancy joining the 100 day project it’s not too late just follow the link above to the website.


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