It’s the Summer Holidays!

The biggest bonus of being a teacher is the six week summer break. But I'm not sitting around with my feet up, this is my chance to catch up with some print work and get working on all those ideas I have buzzing around my head.
This week has been a busy one for me. Firstly I printed the culmination of my 100 day project.
This print called Trinkets & Miscellany features about half of the lino stamps I made during the project. I stuck them all down to a board then (with fingers crossed) printed them all onto A2 paper.

Next I finished the second print in my Urban Jungle series. This series draws upon my current obsession with house plants. It features a lovely pink tinged plant that I have in my bedroom.
As you can see from the pictures above it is a three colour reduction so it's taken a few weeks to complete and is currently drying ready to be packaged up next week.
I've also made a whole load of new cards.
The ones above feature more Lino stamps made in the 100 day project, printed in gold onto bright coloured paper. They are very summery!
Another series of cards I've been working on are drawn from photographs of my garden.
I love gardening and photography so this felt like the perfect way to combine both with printmaking.
So far I've printed three images but I have quite a few more planned. I've really enjoyed using Lino tools to cut away and build up the layers and texture of the garden.
And lastly at the end of a hectic but enjoyable week of printing I decided to return to my love of cats! For this I asked my cat Amstel to model (which he's very good at!)
From this I added some brush type lettering and some folk art inspired pattern to create this print:
The most fun part was, again, using densely packed lino cuts to build up the texture of the fur. Lino printing is great for creating texture.

So that's a round up of my summer holidays so far. And there's still four weeks left so plenty time to make some more!

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