100 Day Project 2018

I have to admit that I’ve been very slow to make any new work over the last few months. Short, cold days seem to make me less productive, plus I’ve been fairly busy with my real job so have been concentrating on that.

So with the start of Spring and the Easter holidays I needed to get motivated! I welcomed the return of the 100 Day Project; this is an Instagram based project that I took part in last year (read my post about it here100 Day Project 2017)

Last year, I found it quite demanding to make a lino stamp each day so this year I’ve kept my project simpler; just to complete some of my own artwork everyday. It could be a drawing, cutting some lino, printing, anything that shows a little bit of progress.

I started by completing some bird themed greetings cards that I had drawn in February.

I have to admit that I’m pretty pleased with how these came out. Here’s the finished cards:

It was nice to do a little bit every day and post the progress on Instagram. The likes and comments are really lovely and keep me motivated to do more!

It’s now day 13 of the project and the next challenge is to make sure I keep on track once I go back to work tomorrow. I have lots of new ideas including some fruit themed cards and a series of circular prints that I’ve been planning for a while. But will I stay disciplined enough to do a little bit of work each day? I’ll keep you updated…

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