cropped-image.jpegMy prints are born out of a fascination with objects, collections, pattern and repetition.

I have been making prints seriously for about five years and I would say that my job as an Art teacher influenced me to start making my own work, after rescuing a dis-used printing press from a dusty corner of the Art Department. I felt it was important as a teacher to practice what I teach and making work has really helped to keep my enthusiasm for my subject genuine.

In the past I have experimented with many types of printmaking but I have settled into lino printing for a majority of my work now. My background as a graphic designer has inspired the sense of order and organisation in my compositions and the illustrative, commercial style to my designs. My favourite part of making lino prints is picking out colour pallets but I also enjoy the moment the first print is revealed, up until this point you really don’t know what it will look like.

Recently I have been exploring using collage and water colour with lino printing and also printing with metallic inks. Most of my prints this year have explored repetition and analysing small differences in collections of similar objects, this can be seen in prints such as ‘Good Tea’, ‘Nine Avocados’ and ‘Party Rings’. I have also been drawing a lot of modern still life arrangements like those seen in ‘Golden Cacti’ and ‘Golden Cocktails’.